Meet the Love+Comfort Coat - The heart of the city

’Tis the season - for full calendars, noisy homes, smaller bank accounts, bigger hearts, and countless opportunities to give. But after being a superhero (parent) all year, giving might be the last thing on your mind. To your business or job, your family, kids and friends - you give endlessly of your time, money and energy.

Typically by this time of year, some of us can only manage to figure out gifts for the kids and float until tax season. But whether you tend to do it all with grace, get most of it done with a semblance of sanity, or manage the bare minimum by the skin of your teeth, this year feels different.

Current trends and events of our world have got all of us thinking about how to upgrade family, home and quality of life. We’re wanting to focus on what matters most now more than ever. For instance, the most wanted Christmas gifts this year are anything heart-felt and purposeful.

And of course our thoughts eventually go to those with less - the displaced and homeless. It’s so sad that in Georgia alone, almost 50,000 kids experience homelessness (and a resulting increased risk of illness) each year. Even more astounding, roughly 10,000 Georgians of all ages are homeless on any given day.

King + Lola, a MomBoss-led company powered by heart, service, and fun, presents a super cool way to give love on Christmas and every other day. Meet the Love + Comfort coat. For every one purchased, one is donated to an Atlanta resident in need. How amazing is that? Not to mention the coat is dope AF!

Seriously, the Love + Comfort is the best coat ever. It’s wearable (warm but not heavy) and converts into a blanket, pillow and carrying bag. The entire K+L team wants one but they’re limited so act fast.

Picture this: 

  • Your cool kid gets a fun and functional TikTok-able coat 
  • A cool stranger in need gets the same warm and fashionable, confidence-boosting coat
  • You continue your reign as coolest mom ever having gifted and given at the same damn time

Bonus points if you send us pics of your cool kids serving the community in their Love + Comfort coat. Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to be fashionably on-time. King + Lola believes in community over profit so if you do (miss out), be sure to join our newsletter for other ways to help make this world cooler for all of us.

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