About Us




King+Lola Kids is created by mompreneur and fashion designer Jasmine Walker.

After creating and designing women’s wear for “J. Pearl Couture” for several years, Jasmine decided to launch a children’s line.  The lightbulb moment came about after conceiving her second child while completing her MBA degree.  She was forced with the tough decision of going back into the workforce or staying at home with her 4 month old baby girl.  King+Lola allows Jasmine to do what she is passionate about…continue to create esthetically beautiful high quality things, while staying at home with her kids.   

King+ Lola offers children’s clothing and accessories and perfect gift items for baby showers and milestone birthdays. The brand is socially responsible and conscious of the environment and offers some Eco-Friendly luxury products that combine up-cycled materials to make quality garments. Upcycled products are labeled on the site as so.  All other products are made from new high quality materials.   The products are made in the USA using fabrics sourced from around the world. Each garment is created in limited quantities with a one of kind feel and superior quality.

King + Lola is a charitable brand dedicated to giving back to the community and regularly gives a portion of its proceeds to various charity and non-profit organizations. The brand strives to increase community giving as it grows.  If you are interested in using our products as a fundraiser item for your charity feel free to contact us at kingandlola@gmail.com.

At King+Lola we are passionate about helping mothers all over the world.  We know how hard it is to juggle work and family life.  It is our goal and mission to provide resources and support to mothers trying to make the world a better place while raising amazing little people.  Please check back shortly for more information regarding brand representation for King+Lola Kids.