King + Lola Kids featured in Mini Outfitter

Mini Outfitter

I am a lifetime subscription holder of Vogue and Bazaar Magazine.  Since I could remember I would flip the pages and drool over all of the endless pictures of perfect outfits that in my head one day I would own and wear.  To this day, I still love a beautifully laid out fashion magazine full of amazing clothing.  Since I’ve become a mom of two lovely kids I do not spend nearly as much time flipping through my Vogue Magazine.  I mostly spend time looking for cool clothes for them.  Enter into my life… Mini Outfitter Magazine! It truly is my latest obsession.  That is why I am over the moon about our feature in the latest issue.  I promise I love the magazine anyhow but when I read the message the editor wrote about King + Lola Kids I cried.  I know how much energy and effort I put into designing and sewing garments for your kids but to see someone else take note and put it on paper  really made me cry!

Thank you for your really cool feature of King + Lola Kids!  P.S.  Thanks for making me cry!

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